A typical day at Traditional Camp – a Counsellor’s perspective:

A day at Camp Ta-Wa-Si starts with the excited whispers of campers anticipating the day to come. These whispers grow to shouting and cheering as the day begins. For those who are brave enough, daily morning trips to the beach bring young souls out into the chilled waters before breakfast. Everyone gathers for a hearty breakfast where songs, wacky games and a great mess are always expected. Campers break off into a range of activities including music, sports, crafts and Christian education. All of these activities are run by enthusiastic and dedicated camp counsellors who provide an exciting and accepting experience for all campers. Camp Ta-Wa-Si is special because it is as welcoming to first time campers as it is to returning campers. Here we build memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

As the day progresses an infinitely unique and wacky host of games and elaborate theme days are put on for the campers. These adventures have them doing everything from bounding along Camp’s wooded trails to secret society games to beach combing for sea glass, shells and sea stars. Lunches are particularly exciting when skits and performances are as numerous as the meals themselves. Campers then get to enjoy an amazing hour at the beach which can be all things to all people. Those seeking fun and games can join counsellors out in the water while beach combing and reading are two shore side favourites. Woods games, a long time activity of Camp Ta-Wa-Si keeps old favourites alive such as Wild-man-in-the-Woods and Capture the Flag while adding more recent games like Superhero Day. Youth can expect an exciting afternoon of chasing counsellors and each other in a series of team based objectives.

As the day winds down older campers can expect a new host of activities. We often get creative at the end of the day with Theatre and Drama activities or exchange home made gifts with campers’ Secret Pal. Outdoor cooking always guarantees an interesting (if not slightly burnt) camper-made treat. These older campers can also anticipate night games, exciting camp ground games in an entirely new (and darker) atmosphere. Vespers and campfire, times of alternating story-telling and singing calm campers as the day ends. Finally, no day at camp would be complete without our Tooth Brush Party. Clad in wacky hats and costumes the counsellors lead the campers in an outdoor dance. The day winds down as rumours of tomorrow’s plans spread like wild fire and campers get rested for the next day’s adventure.