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Staff & Volunteers

Camp wouldn't be what it is without the staff and volunteers that make it happen!

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Staff & Counsellors in training (CITs)

Our staff are qualified, dedicated, responsible, caring, well-trained, and enthusiastic. Staff training is held near end of June. During this event our staff become a team prepared and enthused about the summer ahead. They are given opportunities to grow, share their talents, and gain confidence. They get ready to offer themselves as role models that campers will love and respect.

All of our staff are first aid certified!

Paid Staff CLOSED
CIT applications CLOSED
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Board of Directors & Volunteers

- Chair of Board

Charlotte Youland - Vice-Chair 

- Secretary

Alice Dupuis & Ruth Mitton - Co-Treasurers

Kourtney “Spill” Logan - Personnel Chair

Kim Taylor - Property Chair

Sarah "Prada" Rouse - Grants

Reg Deroche

Carolyn Garland

David King

Allison “Zazoo” Bernardi - Social Media Manager/Registrar

Daniel “Mufasa” Bernardi- Webmaster

Alex “Knight Hawk” Corbett - Rentals

Emma “Puffin” Corbett - Programs


For Job Descriptions and an Application Check List

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